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Best Air Purifiers for Smoke Under $100


Most consumers have this preconceived notion that for an air purifier to work effectively, it needs to be really expensive. I guess most people still have this perception that owning one these machine is a luxury not everyone can afford.

On the contrary, there are several available models on the market that can easily get the job, all while maintaining a $100 budget. If you’re the typical average joe, living in a standard apartment, but is seriously interested in looking for the best air purifiers for smoke, then you’ve come to the right place.

best air purifiers for smoke under $100

how does an air purifier work?

How Does An Air Purifier Work?


Despite looking very different from one another, almost all air purifiers work the same way. A standard model has two openings – one in front and another one towards the back – that the air passes through. Between these are several screens or filters that are used to strain different types of microorganisms.

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