Where To Place An Air Purifier

After you purchase your air purifier, the question of where to place the unit in your home, apartment or room can be a bit tricky. Generally, the best place to put an air purifier in any setting is someplace where it will be able to suck in and blow out the maximum amount of air. […]

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The DIY Air Purifier For Smoke

DIY Air Purifier Smoke

Many parts of North America, many parts of the rest of the world, have been plagued with wildfires this year, resulting in air that was hazardous, even dangerous to breathe.   And for for many people who live with someone who smokes, or those of us who suffer from allergies and asthma, having clean, breathable air is […]

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Instructions on cleaning your air filter

How To Clean A Hepa Air Filter

So – we have good news and better news: If you own an air purifier with a true HEPA filter, then you have one of the best, most efficient air purifiers for your apartment, house, office or dorm room.  That’s the good news. The better news is that the HEPA filter in your air purifier can be easily […]

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Introduction To US Air Pollution

Air Pollution in the USA

Introduction in air pollutionAir pollution occurs when chemicals, biological materials, airborne particles, dirt, dust, smoke and other materials are introduced into the atmosphere. Some pollutants get into the air of through natural processes – like forest fires, dust storms or, surprisingly, from livestock. Most of the air pollution in the U.S. – and the rest […]

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Mold and Fungus In Your Home

Mold In Your Home

What are Molds?Molds are actually a form of fungus. They are very good when they are outside in nature where they are supposed to be – breaking down fallen tree, helping things to decay. But they can be unhealthy and even life-threatening when they come into our homes. Most molds are harmless to most people, […]

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