Introduction To US Air Pollution

Air Pollution in the USA

Introduction in air pollutionAir pollution occurs when chemicals, biological materials, airborne particles, dirt, dust, smoke and other materials are introduced into the atmosphere. Some pollutants get into the air of through natural processes – like forest fires, dust storms or, surprisingly, from livestock. Most of the air pollution in the U.S. – and the rest […]

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Mold and Fungus In Your Home

Mold In Your Home

What are Molds?Molds are actually a form of fungus. They are very good when they are outside in nature where they are supposed to be – breaking down fallen tree, helping things to decay. But they can be unhealthy and even life-threatening when they come into our homes. Most molds are harmless to most people, […]

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Indoor Air Quality Guide

Introduction To Indoor Air Quality – Downloadable E-Book

Clear Relationship Between Indoor Air Pollution And HealthIt is an unnerving and shocking reality that, according to the EPA, the air inside your home contains 2 to 5 times more pollutants than the air outsideyour home. 2 to 5 times more! This is not a happy thought.  We spend a lot more time indoors than outdoors, and […]

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Second Hand Tobacco Smoke

Second Hand Tobacco Smoke – Downloadable E-Book

What Is Secondhand Tobacco Smoke?Secondhand smoke (SHS) – is smoke that comes from the end of any sort of smoking device. SHS comes from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vape pens or hookah’s, and it is moretoxic than the smoke that smokers inhale.Since it is unfiltered, SHS (also referred to as ETS for “Environmental Tobacco Smoke”) has […]

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remove smoke smell Moonriver

How to Hide Cigarette Smoke Indoors

Cigarette smoke is the acrid smoke which gets produced when one smokes a cigarette or other tobacco products. Smokers should find ways of getting rid of the smoke which can cling to everything in that house including your own clothes. Long time exposure of cigarette smoke in a room leaves an odor since it can […]

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