What is An Air Purifier?

The environment you are living in is not getting any cleaner but is getting contaminated by day as the population increases. You have no control of the air that will get into your space but can control the level of its purity. An air purifier and an air cleaner is the way to go if […]

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Do air purifiers work on smoke?

Air purifiers are also known as air cleaners, practically they are devices used in refreshing rooms by removing contaminants and pollutants such as smoke from the air. It’s advisable to have an air purifier in your house especially if you are allergic to dust or maybe you are asthmatic.  Everyone deserves a clean and healthy environment […]

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How to Get Rid of Pet Dander

Table Of Contents What is Pet Dander?Why can it be a Problem?How is it Spread through Your Home?How an Air Purifier Can Help What is Pet Dander?Pet dander is tiny particles of skin shed by rodents, dogs, cats, birds and other animals with feathers or fur. These dander can trigger reactions to people with allergies […]

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how to clean honeywell air purifier

How To Clean A Honeywell Air Purifier

Making sure your Honeywell air purifier is clean and in tip-top condition may be a boring job, but it is greatly important.  After all, if not maintained well, then, it basically defeats the purpose of having an air cleaner in the first place.Purifiers that are dirty can sometimes release some of the residue stored in […]

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how does and air purifier work

How Does An Air Purifier Work?

Despite looking very different from one another, almost all air purifiers work the same way. A standard model has two openings – one in front and another one towards the back – that the air passes through. Between these are several screens or filters that are used to strain different types of microorganisms.Now, why is […]

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