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How to Hide Cigarette Smoke Indoors

Cigarette smoke is the acrid smoke which gets produced when one smokes a cigarette or other tobacco products. Smokers should find ways of getting rid of the smoke which can cling to everything in that house including your own clothes. Long time exposure of cigarette smoke in a room leaves an odor since it can penetrate in carpets, walls and also in your furniture.

The smoke may lead to chronic illnesses like asthma, allergies and this is not good for anyone’s health. There are several methods you can apply on how to get rid of smoke smell in room, how to hide and also fight cigarette smoke and odor in your house.

Opening windows

It is always advisable to have your windows open before you start smoking so as to enhance air circulation and also to give the gaseous smoke an exit point. If one have ventilators or a fan, switching them enhances good air circulation and keeps the room fresh.

Getting air purifiers

Air purifiers or cleaners are gadgets used to simply eliminate and clearing smoke. Not all air purifiers can give positive results thus one needs to be careful when making a choice on the best air purifier for smoke. In this article i’ve reviewed some great products. An air purifier should be able to suck the air which is inside the room, trap odor particles in its filters, eliminate the smoke content and clear the stench in the air.

You should be sure that the air purifier has an activated carbon filter, otherwise you might end up spending money on purifiers which eventually will turn up to be a disappointment.

Neutralize with sprays

Some sprays have proven to work so well in eliminating and neutralizing the smoke indoors. Sprays and scented candles help a lot in smoke odors in house eliminating, covering up the cigarette smell and keeping the house homely and fresh. Anything citrus is considered as a good odor masking and you can either use citrus flavored spray or fresh oranges peels. These should be placed in strategic places and you should wait for the freshness to spread in the room.

Use charcoal

So many people don’t actually know that the very charcoal used on grills is a  natural and an excellent home remedy for cigarette smell removal and a good method to absorb odors. For the charcoal to remove smoke smell effectively, you need to put large bowls containing charcoal close to your ashtray. Charcoal works by absorbing the smell depending on the concentration of the smoke or how bad it is. You need to determine how much charcoal to put into use. 

 Use of ionizers

Air ionizers are devices that use high voltage power to enhance a fresher and pleasant smell, especially in a room staying an indoor smoker. Its purpose is to emit the negatively charged particles that lead to odor formation. The particles can bring in allergies and an unpleasant smell. Wondering what an ionizer is? I’ve published a blog about that.

Take Away

You may be wondering how to hide cigarette smoke indoors; air purifiers, spray neutralizers, home remedies for cigarette smoke smell, allowing good air circulation and also use of cigarette odor absorber will conveniently work for any smoker. Cleanliness is also a key thing and part of the home remedy since one is assured of a fresh and healthy environment.

Finally, it is possible to hide the cigarette smoke without having to spend a lot of money on expensive methods which you barely have any assurance of their capabilities.

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