Where To Place An Air Purifier

After you purchase your air purifier, the question of where to place the unit in your home, apartment or room can be a bit tricky. Generally, the best place to put an air purifier in any setting is someplace where it will be able to suck in and blow out the maximum amount of air.  Placing your unit on a shelf will not help you much: It might look nice, and the shelf will be really clean, but it won’t filter much air in the room.  You want the unit  to take in as much bad air as possible, and you want the clean, purified air to flow freely back into your living space. Here are some techniques and recommendations to help you find the best place to put your air purifier.


Whole house and large units Air Purifiers


  1. Next to the air conditioner

    If you have a large, whole house air purifier, and use air conditioning, then place the unit near the intake vent of your air conditioner. Your AC will then do double duty by re-circulating the filtered, purified air throughout the rest of your home. Be sure to keep the filters the AC clean or you will be sending unfiltered air back into your house or apartment.  In the winter, you will want to move the air purifier unit as you probably will not be using the AC as much. Manufacturers recommend that you do NOT place the air purifier near the intake for the heater.


  1. In the Corner

    While some manufactures advise against placing your whole house air purifier in the corner of a room, their main worry is a possible lack of air flow. The whole purpose of an air purifier is to filter and trap smoke, second hand smoke, allergens, dust and pollutants. If there is not enough room around the unit for air to flow freely, it cannot do its job properly. As long as you have plenty of clearance on all four sides of your air purifier, including airspace above the unit, then a corner might be the best air purifier placement.  Make sure that the front of the unit blows out directly into the room, and don’t put it behind anything like shelves or a chair.


  1. Behind your sofa

    Behind your sofaThat being said, you may actually want to place your air purifier behind your sofa. If you have a smoker in the house or apartment, and you are dealing with second hand smoke, your air purifier will actually be your first line of defense as a “smoke eater”. And where should you put your smoke eater? You put it where the smoke sits. An air purifier will suck up the second hand smoke before it has the chance to enter the rest of the room.  It will also remove the unfiltered smoke particles and toxic by-products that would normally settle on the surface of everything else in your home. Looking for the best air purifier for smoke? We’ve reviewed them here.



  1. Near the door

    If you only have one air purifier, or if you have a smaller unit, then placing the unit near a door would be the best strategy. People who live in apartments can use the air purifier to trap pollutants and allergens beforethey enter the home. Folks who live a house may want a unit at both the front and back doors: this would give you twice the air cleaning protection. (Note: It is not advisable to put an air purifier in window. Ok –maybe in the summer, but make sure it is really secure and won’t fall out and hurt someone).


Smaller air purifiers and portables


  1. Near the odor source

    Generally, you will want to place your air purifier near the source of the odors that will be produced by your cooking. Hot stoves, dishwashers, sinks, trash cans and the moisture that they all produce are perfect breeding  grounds for germs, bacteria and mold.  Try to get your air purifier as close as possible to whatever will produce the most odors (or, whenever I cook, the mostsmoke).


  1. Bathrooms

    Trash cans are notorious for producing germs and bacteria, so your air purifier should be placed as close to it as possible.  If there is no room for a unit in the bathroom,  and you are worried about allergens and molds, place the air purifier in the doorway or  in the hallway.  Let’s face it: Bacteria and molds just love moist, warm air, and a lot of nasty smells come out of the bathroom.  You want to get rid of all of that bad air as quickly as possible.



Important things to consider when you are trying to figure out where to place the air purifier in a room.


  1. Air purifiers need lots of air flow –otherwise they cannot do their job. Don’t restrict the airflow.
  2. Other electron devices may interfere with the electronics on the air puffier, so don’t place it too close to a television, stereo or microwave. Computers are ok.
  3. If your main concern is second hand smoke, and you are using your air purifier as a smoke eater, ignore the manufacture’s advice and put your unit behind the sofa or next to the chair of the smoker. It will do the most good for everyone in the family if it is next to the source of the pollution.
  4. Don’t move your air purifier from room to rooms (unless it is actually a small, portable unit). Let it stay in the room to do its’ job.It generally takes five hours to truly purify all the air in a room. If you move the unit around from room to room, you’ll just have to bring it back and start all over again.
  5. Try to keep all windows and doors closed when your air purifier is working.


The most important thing to remember when you are placing your air purifier in any room is airflow, airflow, airflow. You want a lot of air going in, and you want as much lovely clean air coming back out into the room as possible.

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