Whirlpool Air Purifier

Whirlpool Air Purifier Review: Why You Should Choose It?

Air purifier models under the company Whirlpool are infused with advanced technology and are designed to be easy to use. The designs of their models are perfect, especially that the space they would take in a room is greatly considered. Most of their models can fit in tight places within the room. 

Their air purifiers are environment friendly and work very efficiently because of the true HEPA filters used by their devices. Most of the Whirlpool air purifiers are good in purifying air for small spaces which is 200 to 500 square feet. The design of the air purification process usually involves an initial carbon filter followed by a HEPA filter. A lot of the models they have released have filters that are reusable and washable. A 5-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee are given to the customers who had purchased their product which is an excellent thing.

The Whirlpool Whispure 510 is just one of the many great products of the brand. We will take a look at the features of this device as well as its efficiency for its price. This will help you make a decision on picking the air purifier that suits your needs.

Air Filtration Process

The Whispure 510 follows a three-stage filtration process to purify the air. The first stage of the process is an activated carbon filter. This carbon filter has the ability to capture unwanted smells and odors from the air. The type of carbon being used is activated carbon which is also used in water purification processes. This part of the filter must be replaced every 4 months and four packs cost around $30. Toxic and harmful particles bond with carbon which results to them becoming filtered. The second stage of the filtration process is a HEPA filter.

Whispure 510 uses a true HEPA filter that can remove 99.97% of pollutants and particles in the air including dust mites, pollens, pet dander, and molds. It is also effective in removing allergens in the air. This filter needs to be replaced once a year and a replacement filter costs around $90. The 3rd stage would be a grill that captured large dirt particles to ensure that the air had been well filtered. This filter is washable and can be cleaned with soap and water regularly.

Whirlpool Design and Features 

The Whirlpool Whispure 510 has a fairly simple design and its size is not that large as well. The dimensions of this device are 12.3’’ x 22.1’’ x 27.2’’ and it weighs around 22 pounds. It also has a handle which makes it easy to move around inside the house from one room to the other. This model is really advisable for people living in cold areas and is looking for an air purifier that would prevent them from catching a cold. That is because of two reasons. 

The first reason is that it can filter allergens and the second reason is that when it is used in the highest setting, the surrounding tends to become warm. That is why this air purifier is recommended for people living in cold places because you will have both an air purifier and a heater. A lot of people are reviewing it as somewhat a “portable heater” because of the way it becomes warm when the highest setting is used.

Regarding the device’s buttons and fan speed, it is actually easy to use. It has a great control panel with buttons that are easy to push. It even has a setting that allows you to lock the controls so the children will not be able to mess up the air purifier’s settings. This makes it possible for an air purifier to be placed in a children’s room. It has 4 fan speeds from which the user can choose from.

One of the factors always checked regarding air purifiers are their CADR rating. This device has a CADR rating of 315 and if the room in which you placed it measures 500 square meters, the air purifier would be able to cycle the air in the room for approximately 5 times per hour. This model is good for people with mild cases of allergies but not really recommended for people who are heavy smokers.

Another great thing about his device is that it does not produce too much noise and customers actually find it easy to fall asleep even with the device left turned on. The fan noise is low pitched rather than high pitched and is measured at approximately 60 decibels.


If you are using the device for the first time, it would be better to let it run at the fastest fan speed for a maximum of 12 hours only and then switch it to the second fan speed and you can leave it after. Usually, you would not really need to let it run all the time. Letting it run of 10-12 hours each day is already a good duration.

Before using the air purifier, always look at the filter life indicator. Another great feature of this product is that it shows the filter life through a scale. This means that you can continuously observe the life of the filter and you can decide when to change it and even plan a budget for it in advance. There are actually two indicators in the Whispure. The first indicator is for the HEPA filter and the second one for the Activated Carbon filter.

If the device is to be placed in the room of a child or left at home with children, there is a control lock system available so that the children will not be able to play with the settings. You can do this by pressing the Sleep Mode for five seconds and the settings will be locked.

To change the settings again, just press it again for five seconds until the system lock comes off. There are also customers who do not like bright lights when sleeping. This model has a sleep mode that you can turn on which slows down the fan speed, becomes quieter and the lights become dim.

Whirlpool Technical Specifications 

  • There are four fan speeds to choose from.
  • The fastest fan speed is good for cleaning the room fast. It would only take 10 minutes to clean a 500 square feet room.
  • It has two filter indicators, one for the HEPA filter and one for the carbon filter.
  • The CADR scores are good for pollen, dust, and smoke which are 401, 325, and 315 respectively.
  • It is an energy star certified which means that it has a fairly good energy consumption rate.
  • It contains a sleeping mode to let it function while you are sleeping. It switches the air purifier to the low fan speed for 8 hours as you sleep.
  • It has a built-in handle which is beneficial when moving it from one room to the other.
  • A control lock mode is available so that children will not be able to play with the settings of the device.
  • It has a low noise level at 60 decibels.


If you are looking for an air purifier that is budget-friendly and at the same time could produce good results, then this is the one you are looking for. It is perfect for the purpose of cleaning the air in the room and for mild allergies.

However, it is not suggested as the best air purifier to pick when it comes to respiratory problems and those who are heavy smokers. It has good area coverage, and the filtration is really efficient. The CADR rating is also great for its price. The Whispure 510 is one of the most affordable yet most efficient air purifiers available in the market. The cost of this device ranges from $200-$300.