How to select the best air purifier for my bedroom?

Your bedroom is a place of comfort and safety. For some of us, it is where we spend most of our free time. Since the bedroom is an enclosed space, keeping the air clean and crisp in that area is vital. It might be easier to get the same kind of air purifier in all your rooms but there are specific things you should consider when it comes to your bedroom.

Let’s discuss what certain things you should remember before buying air purifiers that are meant for the bedrooms of your home.

Air Purifier for Bedrooms: Things to Consider

Coverage Area

We know the importance of measuring the space of your room before buying an air purifier. This is especially important for your bedroom. The coverage area is the capacity space the purifier can filter. The coverage area should match with the space of your room. This is commonly found in the product descriptions of the product.

Sleep Mode

Some of us might not think that having air purifiers in our bedroom is a bad idea for it produces noises and lights that can disturb one’s sleep. But manufacturers created a way for things like this to not be a problem. Sleep mode or night sense is the feature available in some air purifiers that enables you to sleep better by producing low sounds and lights so you can sleep peacefully while your purifier still operates. Any air filters with this feature can be the potential purchase for your bedroom.

Child Lock

Perhaps you have children in your household that inevitably explore and touch things in your home. Thankfully worries like this are solved by the child lock feature. Child lock secures the purifier from your toddler. It prevents any accidental changes in the setting of the purifier. In this way, you don’t have to worry about placing your kids in the bedroom with a purifier.

Power consumption

Since we usually let purifiers in our bedrooms run for hours, it is vital to know how much power consumption there is when you let it operate. Power consumption is typically within a maximum of 60 watts but this will depend on the model of the purifier. Before purchasing, this should definitely not be overlooked.


Some air purifiers produce ozone while operating. This ozone is harmful to health and can cause respiratory diseases like asthma, cough, and shortness of breath. HEPA filter technology is best known for being “ozone-free” which means that this type of filter is best for your bedrooms. It is great for eliminating allergens and common indoor air pollutants like dust, mold, and pet dander. To avoid the harmful effects of inhaling too much, make sure to look at the feature in the product description before purchasing.


CARD or clean air delivery rate is an important factor in an air purifier. Technically, CADR is the rate in cubic meters that indicates the volume of purified air produced by the air purifier every hour. If the CADR is high then the purifier can filter the air more quickly. This is a great way for consumers like you to compare each purifier you are looking into to know which is best.


In order to make smart purchase decisions, it is necessary to educate ourselves on what we should look for in a product. Air purifiers are important in maintaining our home clean and safe, so in deciding what air purifiers to get, always look at the product description and online reviews. These things can prepare on what to expect in a purifier and you can also dodge false advertisements easily when you look into these.

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